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  AC Fiorentina Tickets

Team Fact File:
  • Nickname: Viola (purple), Gigliati (Lilies)
  • Founded: 1926
  • Rivals: Bologna FC, Juventus, SS Lazio
  • Record Goal Scorer: Gabriel Batistuta - 159
  • Record Signing: Juan Cuadrado - £ 17,6m

  AC Fiorentina Tickets

Like other popular Italian clubs such as Napoli and Roma, Fiorentina were the result of mergers between existing urban clubs. This was facilitated at the time mostly out of necessity in order to have a strong enough club in terms of quality and to be viable financially.

This merging was made easier by the rising fascist regime, which didn't like divisions in Italian cities, even in sport. Initially the club colours were white and red, the traditional colours of Florence. The home shirt was half red and half white, while the shorts and socks were black. But in 1929 a mistake during the washing of a set jerseys given to Fiorentina by Colligiana meant the red dye ran into the white, creating a shade of purple. The colour was greeted well by the fans of the team, and it became the team colour.

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AC Milan v Fiorentina

Serie A
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