Black Friday is here!

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21st Nov 2017

Black Firday

There’s only one thing more exciting than Christmas itself and that’s the build up to Christmas! The end of halloween sparks excitement in many whilst some completely detest the idea of Christmas so early on. For some it’s the end of Bonfire night that encourages excitement about the festive period whilst again there are a few that loathe the idea of Father Christmas coming to town. Whether or not you’re one of these people, there’s one particular event that solidifies our place in time as the festive period. Black Friday!

Black Friday is looming and here at Football Ticket Pad we have fantastic offers! Whether you’re looking to celebrate with colleagues during the Christmas Period or spending some quality time with your family watching your favourite team, we have a deal for you!

Football over Christmas is very exciting! As teams head into the new year, speculations on transfers become an imperative part of any football fan’s life. This combined points becoming ever more valuable to every team in their relative leagues, December is the perfect time to go and spectate football in the flesh. Here at Football Ticket Pad, there’s a large array of offers on tickets in the Premier League, Champions League and the other top leagues across Europe! Look out for our discount codes to safely secure your great value tickets!

Following Black Friday, some very important Premier League fixtures will take place! Commencing with a colossal match between Arsenal and Manchester United! December sees the biggest teams in English Football history go head to head in order to continue their campaigns of becoming the English champions.

Christmas may be a time where people come together and spread joy. This is not the case in Football. December hosts two of the most renowned derby’s in football across the planet and both on the same day! Manchester United face Manchester City in their respective derby whilst the Reds face the Blues in Merseyside! We have fantastic offers on both fixtures! You can’t miss out on such breath taking fixtures! Here at Football Ticket Pad are confident we have the right deal for you! Simply use our Black Friday discount codes to safely purchase your tickets to such fantastic games!