Football Ticket Pad's Pick To Win The Champions League

Published by Chris Jenkins
05th Nov 2021

The Champions League is a huge competition. Some would say it’s the biggest of all. It offers teams from each of Europe's top domestic leagues a chance to go up against each other at the highest level on the world stage.

When this competition takes place, we get a chance to see teams that wouldn’t usually play each other go head to head. Countless historic Champions League fixtures rocked the world and left many with the indescribable joy of victory; or the incomparable pain of defeat.

With emotions at their highest, and players at their best, it truly is a magnificent competition to behold. This season, things look more interesting than ever.

A number of contenders are ready to come out of the group stages and stake their claim for the most coveted trophy around. But who will win?

As with every year, it’s hard to pick one clear favourite. Here at Football Ticket Pad, we’re going to take a look at some of the current Champions League teams and decide on who we think will win this year. So, let’s take a look at the teams we think have the best chance.



Last season's champions had to be mentioned first after they had a season of such mixed emotions. Starting last year under the managerial reign of former player Frank Lampard, many Chelsea fans believed in the romantic story they hoped would become a reality.

Unfortunately, Lampard simply couldn’t get them playing well enough, and he was relieved of his duties. In January 2021, former PSG manager Thomas Tuchel took over and the team started playing much better. They rarely conceded goals and looked threatening going forwards.

After just a few months in charge, Tuchel won the Champions League title and also managed to finish in the top 4 of the Premier League. This was something not many people would have predicted when he took over.

The team that Chelsea faced off against in the final was Manchester City, and some people believe they simply didn’t play well enough to challenge Chelsea. This brings us to our next contender.



Liverpool should never be underestimated in Europe. They are always a formidable force, especially at Anfield.

Few could forget the outstanding comeback they pulled out of the bag at Istanbul in 2005. Winning the competition again in 2019, they easily dismantled a Tottenham side that never looked like scoring.

With star players such as Van Dijk back in the mix, Liverpool looks to win their 7th Champions League title this season. Only time will tell, but the red men could do it once again.


Manchester City

Manchester City has been favourite for the Champions League several times but never delivered on the potential. This year, once again, they are tipped by many pundits and bookmakers to be the ultimate winners of the competition.

This ties into an interesting question that looms over the head of the club: can Pep Guardiola lead Manchester City to a Champions League title? It is an interesting debate with no clear answer.

Guardiola won the Champions League with Barcelona, but some people say that is because he was managing one of the greatest teams ever assembled, featuring Messi in his prime.

Despite this, one could argue that Manchester City has just as much talent in their team. They have essentially coasted to several Premier League titles, rarely leaving second gear at times.

There’s just something about the Champions League that seems to perplex Pep. Seemingly easy games against teams such as Lyon have ended in catastrophe after he made odd managerial decisions.

In last season's Champions League final, he set Manchester City up in an unusual way that allowed Chelsea to break through and score their winning goal.

The game rarely looked competitive, and this was disappointing. Manchester City has never won the Champions League, so most people expected them to grasp at the chance to win the final with everything.

Perhaps Pep is prone to overthinking these large-scale cup fixtures. Despite this, his team still fields one of the most impressive squads in the world and could easily change their fortune this year with a Champions League title.



PSG currently has an amazing squad of players. Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Neymar are just a few of those amongst their world-class ranks.

The Parisian team has been close to tasting glory several times over the past few years but has never quite managed to win the Champions League. Similar to Manchester City, something about the competition has prevented them.

Under Mauricio Pochettino the team is eyeing the trophy keenly. Pochettino failed to deliver a Champions League whilst in charge of Tottenham, but can he do it at PSG?


Real Madrid

It’s hard to write a Champions League article and not mention the most successful club in the competition. Real Madrid has won the trophy 13 times.

Currently, they are managed by Carlo Ancelotti, who left Everton to rejoin his former club very suddenly. Results in La Liga have been mixed, but they look set to do well. In the Champions League, it is unclear whether they are ready to take on the teams listed above yet.

They are in a transitional period and may need time to regain their strength. But like with Liverpool, you should never underestimate Real Madrid in European competitions.


Who Is Our Pick To Win The Champions League?

Each team in this list has the capability to win the Champions League. Whilst it is rare to win the competition for two years running, here at Football Ticket Pad, we think Chelsea is in with the best chance.

Their playing style is incredibly efficient. One of the most important things about football is a strong defence, and Chelsea very rarely concedes. Alongside this, they have players such as Romelu Lukaku leading the line.

With an unbreakable defence and terrifying attack, Chelsea may once again stave off the competition to win this glorious cup. What do you think? Have we got it right? Let us know! And if you’re interested in attending any upcoming Champions League fixtures, you can purchase tickets here.