Out Of Contract 2022: Best Free Agents Available

Published by Chris Jenkins
07th Nov 2021

The January and Summer transfer windows are some of the most exciting times in football. With so much potential to rebuild, supporters can either be full of hope or left disappointed.

Throughout the history of transfer windows, there have always been surprises. Players who go to a new club on free and end up lighting up the world are uncommon but when it happens, it’s appreciated by everyone.

From players such as Roberto Baggio and Steve McManaman to Edison Cavani and Lionel Messi, plenty of free transfers have been huge successes.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most talented free agents that will be available in 2022 if they don’t sign new contracts before then.


Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is widely regarded as one of the best midfielders in the world. When playing for his native France, his footballing ability really comes to the fore and this has led to him winning the greatest trophy of all: the World Cup.

Despite his obvious ability, things haven’t worked out quite how everyone expected they would at Manchester United. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact reason for this.

Perhaps it comes down to the managers he has played under, or maybe he simply doesn’t gel with his teammates on the football pitch.

He has had moments of greatness in a Manchester United shirt, providing some of the best assists in the league as well as some hugely impressive goals.

Needless to say, Pogba would be an excellent addition to any team. It looks unlikely that he will stay at Manchester United. The question is, where will he go?


Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe is one of the best young talents in world football. Many people believe he will reach the levels of Ronaldo and Messi, and his time at PSG has been filled with amazing goals.

At just 22 years of age, he has already scored almost 100 goals for PSG. Spending his youth at Monaco, he has always been considered one to watch.

Rumors have begun to circulate that he will be heading to Real Madrid once his contract with PSG runs out, but there will undoubtedly be various other contenders throwing their hats into the ring.

Mbappe would be a huge addition to any club. At such a young age and with such talent, who knows what greatness he could go on to achieve?


Luis Suarez

With some of the most impressive goal-scoring seasons of all time under his belt, Luis Suarez is still performing at the top level at the age of 34. Currently playing for Atletico Madrid, the Uruguayan forward managed to win La Liga last season.

This was no doubt a welcome addition to his already large trophy cabinet after he left former team Barcelona on somewhat bad terms. To go to one of Barcelona’s main rivals and win the league with them shows the level of player he is.

After securing himself as Atletico’s top goalscorer last season, he is still scoring for fun at the moment. His contract runs out next summer and therefore he will be a free agent.

Whether or not he will continue to play in La Liga is unclear, but his age could be a factor in the decision-making of whichever club chooses him next.


Lorenzo Insigne

At 30 years old Lorenzo Insigne still has several years of top-level football ahead of him. Winning Euro 2020 just a few months ago he is one of the most sought-after players in the world, and it seems like Napoli will be unlikely to convince him to sign another deal.

A move to the Premier League could definitely be on the cards. This would be interesting, as many pundits question whether top-performing players from other leagues can make it in the Premier League.

This is because the Premier League is considered to be one of the most competitive and physical in the world.

In contrast to this, Italian football is generally considered to be physical and defensive, so for Insigne to make it there implies he has the ability to bypass some of the best defenders around.

Various teams have been tipped to get the star players' signature, with Tottenham Hotspur being named as a contender. With Antonio Conte taking the reins, this could be even more likely to happen in the next season.


Antonio Rudiger

Rudiger has thrived under relatively new Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. He was an integral part of their Champions League winning team and looks set to help the team secure Champions League football again, if not the Premier League title.

He has been heavily linked to a free transfer to Bayern Munich next summer. This may be a welcome move for the 28-year-old German. Closer to home, but still able to perform at the top level of football.

Despite this, things don’t always go as planned. Chelsea may keep him for longer, or another club may throw their hat into the ring.


James Tarkowski

Somewhat less glamorous than some of the names listed previously, Tarkowski plays for Burnley. He has been a key part of their success since rejoining the Premier League in 2016 and has managed to secure their spot in the league over the years.

He is known for an up-front, powerful defensive style. Not many players would look forward to coming up against a player like Tarkowski.

At 28 years old he still has several years left at the top level and could attract a number of suitors looking to strengthen their backline.


Final Thoughts

Whilst football is never easy to predict, we can be sure to see some exciting developments in regard to the players listed above over the coming seasons. Some may stay put, whilst some may make shocking moves that we could never have predicted. Only time will tell.