Udinese Calcio Tickets

Team Fact File:
  • Nickname: Bianconeri ("White-blacks"), Zebrette ("The Little Zebras")
  • Founded: 1896
  • Rivals: Unione Triestina, Unione Venezia
  • Record Goal Scorer: Antonio Di Natale - 219
  • Record Signing: Stefano Fiore - £8,5mln

  Udinese Calcio Tickets

Founded in 1896, Udinese Calcio is an Italian football club based in Udine. They can claim to be the second oldest club in Italy, after Genoa. In all these years they have probably never seen a player as good as their current striker Antonio Di Natale. He has scored over 200 goals for them and tends to score at least 20 a season; don’t be surprised to see him on the scoresheet if you go to watch a Udinese game!

With a 41,000 seater stadium and a designated channel called Udinese TV it's pretty evident that this club has a fairly large supporter base. Hence when Udinese football tickets become available they are sold extremely quickly. Don't hesitate in booking Udinese tickets through our market place, the earlier the better!

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