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For all those avid fans who cannot bare a weekend of no football, you should not fret! Once those Premier League games are approaching a standstill international football is just round the corner so you don't have to miss a kick! There's still a whole host of football to be played with countries through out the world going head to head. 

Whatever nationality you maybe Football Ticket Pad can provide tickets for you to get behind your country. You will often find a number of stella games taking place with the likes of England v Germany reigniting old fueds at neutral stadiums such as The Emirates. Such a momentous occasion may never been seen other than in latter stages of World Cups! Don't miss out on any of these great ties taking place on your door step, order these games with Football Ticket Pad and roll back the years of revel in a battle between two old adversaries. 

Nothing brings together better a country than these occasions. If you haven't been apart of such an affair 
book international tickets through Football Ticket Pad, bellow out the national anthem and watch with great pride as your fellow nationals give it there all.

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