Exploring The Area Around Anfield Stadium

Published by Chris Jenkins
20th Mar 2023

During the 125 years of LFC, the city of Liverpool has been graced with a wide variety of world-class footballing talent. With a plethora of historic Liverpool teams that come straight to the memory - such as the most recent Jurgen Klopp side. This has resulted in a large following all across the world who want to visit the famed city to experience Anfield Stadium first-hand. Should this be your first time at Anfield and Liverpool overall, you may be stuck wondering what are the best places to visit whilst spending your time around the area, In our latest post, we will be exploring the area around Anfield Stadium and what places you should visit before your time is over.


Liverpool FC Anfield Store

One of the immediate places that we suggest you visit is the Official Liverpool Football Club Store either before or post-game. This will allow you to browse a wide range of Liverpool FC memorabilia to serve as tokens of remembrance - allowing you to always remember your time at Anfield.

The Official LFC store can be found on Walton Breck Road, L4 0RE and is situated right next to the ground itself. Although, before you go into the store, we suggest that you give the Bill Shankly statue a visit and give his feet a rub before the game for good luck. This is a tradition that has been passed down for years with father and sons, die-hard reds and neutrals alike.


The Famous Arkles Pub

Situated on Arkles Road, opposite Stanley Park - visiting the famous Arkles Pub for a drink is a tradition that must be upheld. Die-hard Liverpool fans from all over the world donate their scarves to demonstrate just how far-reaching the Liverpool fanbase is. As a whole, the famous Arkles pub provides a fantastic atmosphere and serves as a great location to spectate a multitude of sports, not just the Reds. The Arkles also serves as the go-to meeting point before buying your Liverpool tickets before kickoff. 

If you are planning something special for a loved one, a birthday perhaps? You can book a party event with the Arkles also.


Goodison Park

One thing that Liverpool is unique in providing is the fact that both rival clubs are situated fairly close to each other - with Stanley Park being the only thing to divide them. Despite being a Liverpool supporter, if you have travelled a fairly long distance to experience Liverpool, you are granted the possibility of spectating Everton Football Club also. Situated on Goodison Road, Everton’s venue of Goodison Park is an iconic stadium and one that is expected to be no longer with us in the coming months given their move to Bramley-Moore Docks (in 2024-25).

Everton provides stadium tours of their own and it is worth viewing its impressive history - especially while they are so closely situated together. We offer Everton tickets throughout Football Ticket Pad so if you want to watch the Toffees, or perhaps the derby - order today.


Stanley Park

The massive Stanley Park is a stunning park and garden that is an impressive 110-acre park - serving as the divide between both Liverpool and Everton football clubs. The park was designed by Edward Kemp and opened on the 14th of May, 1870 - even today the park is significant to the people of Liverpool due to its layout and architecture.

Found within the heart of Stanley Park is the Isla Gladstone Conservatory. This a beautiful venue both in its architecture and array of breakfast and light lunches that are on offer. A must-experience before an afternoon game. Walking through Stanley Park before a Champions League fixture is also something that you need to experience as you are travelling amongst a sea of Liverpool fans.


Homebaked Bakery

If you are seeking more ‘traditional’ style food before the big game, might we introduce you to Homebaked Bakery? Homebaked has become a weekly tradition for most football attendees and one that simply cannot be missed. Homebaked creates stunningly fresh and delicious pies and other pastries that are simply stunning. They can be found on Oakfield Road, practically opposite Anfield Stadium. Perfect to visit before a Premier League clash. Might we recommend you try the Shankly pie?



With these places in mind, you are not short of places to visit whilst exploring the area around Anfield Stadium. Whether you are a lifelong Liverpool fan, a neutral or someone looking for a famous venue to explore - you cannot go wrong with choosing Anfield Stadium and the areas surrounding it.