How To Get To Stamford Bridge Stadium In Chelsea

Published by Chris Jenkins
03rd Nov 2021

Chelsea's stadium of Stamford Bridge is one of the most glorious stadiums in the UK since its inception in 1905. After a huge renovation in the 90s, it is now one of the most impressive and modern grounds in the Premier League let alone for Chelsea Football Club. Countless historic Chelsea matches have taken place in this hallowed ground, including Premier League games, FA Cup clashes, and Carabao Cup games.

Whether you’re a Chelsea fan or visiting the ground for an away day you’ll be sure to find excellent facilities, a brilliant atmosphere, and a welcoming reception from the staff.

In this guide, we’re going to take you through the various ways how to get to Stamford Bridge, whether you’re travelling via public transport or making your way via car. Take a look below for more.


Travelling From Within The London Area


The tube service runs throughout London and is a really helpful way of getting around. If you’re in the area on the day of the game, it’s convenient to get to Stamford Bridge via the tube.

Regarding the nearest stations to the ground is Fulham Broadway Station on the District Line. There are also two close overground stations: West Brompton and Imperial Wharf.

They are both around a 15-minute walk from the stadium. You could also get a taxi from the station but fares will be high and roads will be busy when there is a game on.

The train services in London run very frequently and each station has several helpful maps and staff so you can ensure you’re on the right path if you’re having any doubts.



If you’d like to cycle to Stamford Bridge there are cycle lanes on the way with helpful signs directing you in the right path.

The stadium has a cycle shed that is available on match days but this can get pretty crowded. You will also have to walk as you get closer to the ground due to the high number of people attending the match.



Busses in the area can lead you directly to Stamford Bridge on Fulham Road. There are two bus stops in this zone.

You can get here by taking the number 14, 211, and 414 buses. Again, these buses may be somewhat busier on a matchday but this is nothing unusual. Just make sure that you set off with plenty of time to spare to be in the stadium by kick-off.


River Boat

Taking the riverboat is another option to reach Stamford Bridge. They only run from Monday to Friday, so if you’re attending on a weekend date then it would be best to look for alternate plans.

Chelsea Harbour is the closest pier to Stamford Bridge. You can get here by boarding a boat that travels through Putney Pier and Blackfriars Pier.



If you’re planning on organising or travelling via a supporters coach and want to get as close to Stamford Bridge as possible you must organise this beforehand and book a slot near the ground.

Chelsea FC allows supporter coaches to park in a limited area on Imperial Road, an area which is usually reserved for residents of the borough. You must book a spot here at least 48 before the fixture you want to attend.

Once you have parked, traffic marshals will direct you to the stadium, which is just a short walking distance away.



If you’re driving to Stamford Bridge you should plan and check for any traffic warnings or weather changes. London is a busy place so it’s always important to make a note of the conditions on the day you’re travelling.


Driving From The North, East, Or The West:

To get to London you have to travel down the M25. Once you reach Junction 15, turn off onto the M4 and head towards London. The M4 will become the A4 and will lead you up to Hammersmith.

Once you have reached Hammersmith, go over the Hammersmith Flyover and travel for another 1.5 miles. After travelling for 1.5 miles turn off at Earls Court.

Travel past Earls Court station and then proceed to travel across Old Brompton Road until you eventually reach Fulham Road. At this point, turn right at the traffic lights. You will probably be able to see the ground by here, and after 600 yards you will be there.

It’s worth noting that parking and navigation are quite difficult close to the ground, so you should consider looking for a parking spot as early as you can.


Driving From The South:

Upon arriving at Wandsworth Bridge, cross the river. After crossing the bridge, you must head up Wandsworth Bridge Road. You will reach a junction at New King’s Road, and at this point, you must turn right and then left straight after.

Following these directions will take you up, to Fulham Broadway. Eventually, you can turn right onto Fulham Road, which will lead you to the ground. As was mentioned previously, parking near the ground is difficult, so keep this in mind when looking for somewhere to park.

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