Planning Your Visit To Manchester: Best Hotels Near Etihad Stadium

Published by Chris Jenkins
01st Dec 2023

When travelling for an away day in Manchester or perhaps if you are a Manchester City fan living elsewhere, one of the most difficult parts of the booking is finding the right hotel near the stadium that isn’t already booked up. Take into account both the proximity to the stadium and the price you are getting for it.

Many people may simply opt to go for the cheapest hotels in Manchester without thinking about how they would get to the stadium and back, this is one of the biggest issues that many travelling fans seem to experience.

Throughout this blog post, we are going to be discussing some of the best hotels in the area of the Etihad Stadium, Manchester that are close enough to the stadium to not be inconvenient.


An Overview of The Etihad Stadium

The stadium of Manchester City Football Club is the Etihad Stadium, situated on Ashton New Road near Manchester City Centre. It is very easy to get to for all travelling football fans as it is just a few minutes away from the busiest areas of Manchester.

The Etihad is one of the largest football stadiums in the world holding a massive 53,400 people at full capacity. This makes the Etihad the 6th largest stadium in England and the 9th largest in the United Kingdom. The stadium was also the host of the 2002 Commonwealth Games before becoming the home of Manchester City in the Premier League.


Arena House

Arena House is located around 1.5km from the Etihad Stadium and offers a great selection of accommodation and seating areas for guests to utilise during their stay.

Arena House is a bed and breakfast hotel and gives residents access to free parking and the utilities presented in their rooms. All rooms are fitted with a dishwasher, coffee machine and a desk among other amenities.

Piccadilly station is 2.1km from this hotel making it a very convenient location for travelling fans who wish to walk to the stadium and the train station.


Dakota Manchester

Another of the most trusted hotels in the city of Manchester is the Dakota Hotel located on Ducie Street near the centre of Manchester having received excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.

The Dakota Hotel is located in such a convenient area as it is just a 5-minute walk from Picadilly station. This does mean that the journey to the Etihad will be slightly longer than that of Arena House however it is still a comfortable walking distance. This hotel is also fairly close to Old Trafford Stadium so you can also go to watch Manchester United matches.


Travelodge - Manchester Upper Brook Street

As most people will tend to book cheaper hotels when on an away day, Travelodge tends to be an incredibly popular choice, particularly for people who plan to only spend one night in the city before leaving after the game or simply the next day.

There are many different Travelodge locations across Manchester but the most convenient for travelling to the Etihad Stadium is the Upper Brook Street Hotel. Elizabeth Gaskell’s house and Chinatown are adjacent to this hotel.

This hotel is perfect for people who are planning on doing more than just watching football and are hoping to do some sightseeing in the city while you are travelling.


Hotel Brooklyn

Hotel Brooklyn is a 4-star hotel located on Portland Street near the city centre, giving you easy access to all of the main tourist areas of Manchester should you wish to stay for an extended period.

The Hotel Brooklyn offers a great place to stay over for the match while not forcing you to break the bank for their great services. If you are looking for a trip to Manchester for a stadium tour or match, this is the perfect accommodation for you to stay at.


Velvet Hotel

Located directly in the centre of Manchester, the Velvet Hotel is another great place to stay when travelling for the football. Travel to the Etihad from here is fairly simple as there is an abundance of taxis scattered throughout and it is not too far to walk from either.

While being quite a small establishment, this allows you to receive some of the best customer service around as the staff have the time and capabilities to tend to your needs as soon as necessary.

With all 24 rooms being separated across 4 floors, you can be assured that your room will be peaceful and private, with no need for concern about having many noisy neighbours.

Since this hotel is rather small in comparison to larger chains, you may find that it becomes fully booked fairly quickly which is why it is even more important to book far ahead of time to make sure you do get a room there.


Clayton Hotel - Manchester City Centre

As with Travelodge, there are several different Clayton Hotels in the city of Manchester which is why this hotel in the Manchester City Centre is a favourite of match-goers all over the country. While being a smaller chain than Travelodge, they are very well respected by many.

Clayton Hotels offer some of the more expensive overnight stays on the list as they aim to provide luxury to the people who stay there, so this may turn away many football fans who may only stay for one night, however, people who are here for the full weekend will not be disappointed!


Wilde Aparthotels

Located in St Peter’s Square, the Wilde Aparthotels are an excellent choice for people looking to watch Manchester City in action as they can provide you with a luxury experience at a reasonably low price.

This is also a great place to book if you are planning on going sightseeing during the rest of your stay since it is already located in one of the biggest tourist attractions that the city has to offer.


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