Will Arsenal Finish In The Top Four?

Published by Chris Jenkins
03rd May 2022

The Premier League is arguably the best in Europe due to the high level of competition that it produces. As the current season has demonstrated - this continues to be the case. The league is home to some of the biggest football clubs in the World. With clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and many others fighting for the top spot is a real struggle. This is especially prominent considering the increase in mid-table talent also.

For any English football club to be a partaker of the most prestigious competition in Europe, the Champions League, they must finish within the top four positions in the domestic league. They all register their interest in the Champions League competition for the next season by trying all they can to stay within the top four positions.

Arsenal Football Club has been eager to solidify itself in the top flight of the most illustrious European competition for a while. Even though the team's glory days have been in the past, and the team has won domestic titles and appeared in the UEFA Champions League many times, the team has never won the Champions League title in its history.

Arsenal's last appearance in the champion league was when the club was under the management of their former French coach Arsene Wenger in his second to the last season with the North London club. Arsenal finished second after Leicester City in that 2016/17 campaign before their appearance in the Champions League with 71 total points.

The club has always been known as people's 'second club' due to its scintillating style of play. This appears to have been the main goal to progress forward. In addition to this, the finish will be to guarantee their position in the top 4 on a consistent basis - ultimately allowing themselves to compete for the major trophies on a consistent basis.


How Arsenal can secure a top-four finish

In order to obtain a consistent top-four finish to compete for the major trophies - a complete philosophy will be needed to guarantee a harmonious atmosphere. Coupled with the fact that there needs a substantial change towards the scouting and purchasing of players. Below we explore avenues in how Arsenal can secure a top-four finish:

Solidify their defence

Arsenal has always been known for its amazing defensive prowess. With players such as Ashely Cole and Sol Campbell. More recently, Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker - Arsenal have always had great defensive talents. In order for Arsenal to solidify their position once more - a consistent backline is definitely in order. 


To finish in the top four, Arsenal needs to focus on improving the shot accuracy of its players. The young attacking force has been incredible so far, with exciting talents like Saka, Odegard, Martinelli, and the like of others. But there is a need to be more decisive with the ball, especially when shooting.

This is because teams in the relegation zone will try to make things difficult for Arsenal’s forward. Still, if they can maximise their opportunity in the games, Arsenal will secure a spot in Champions League football in the seasons to come.


Tactical Brilliance

Mikel Arteta needs to display brilliance in the remaining EPL matches for Arsenal. Facing brilliant coaches like Antonio Conte, who has made history in the English Premier League with Chelsea, and David Moyes, who has coached Manchester United, Real Sociedad, and Everton, might be a big task.

But Arteta will need to prove how brilliant tactically he can be to outperform the managers who had better experiences than him in the Premier League and the managerial role generally.


Why Arsenal needs to finish in the top four

There are reasons why the North London team needs to finish in the top four on the Premier League table.


To pay back the trust

The reward of playing in the Champions League at this moment in the cycle would be enormous if the club took a longer-term strategy for its squad development and placed greater faith in Mikel Arteta's ability to lead the team. It would be a significant validation of the confidence that has been placed in the Spanish coach thus far.


To build the team’s confidence to battle for titles

Securing a spot in the Champions League is enough to serve as a morale booster for the squad, as that is the goal of many players. Finishing in the top four will help the team build their confidence and encourage them to contend for more titles.


To increase revenue generation

Finishing in the top four comes with an increase in revenue. With income from the matchday income and broadcast, the club will be able to gather significant amounts that will help support the rebuild process that Mikel Arteta is embarking on.


To rebuild the club’s reputation

Arsenal recently has earned a reputation that is not admirable. Since the departure of Arsene Wenger, it seems as if the club has been regressing, and the only club with an invincible season run in Premier League history has been struggling.

Arsenal needs to secure a top-four finish so severely that they can rebuild the club’s reputation, which has been crumbling.

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