How Easy Is It To Get Newcastle United Tickets?

Published by Chris Jenkins
28th Mar 2024

Newcastle United, an institution in English football, boasts a passionate fan base and a rich history of success and tradition. For many fans, attending a Newcastle United match at St James' Park is a bucket-list experience, offering the chance to immerse themselves in the electric atmosphere of one of football's iconic stadiums.

But just how easy is it to secure tickets to witness the Magpies in action? In this guide, we'll explore the process of obtaining Newcastle United tickets, from understanding ticket availability to navigating the various channels for ticket acquisition.


Understanding Newcastle United Ticketing

Before delving into the ticket-buying process, it's essential to understand how Newcastle United's ticketing system operates. Like most football clubs, Newcastle United employs several channels for ticket distribution, catering to different types of supporters and match attendees.

Season tickets are a popular option for committed Newcastle United supporters who wish to attend every home match throughout the season. These tickets guarantee holders access to all home league games and often come with additional benefits such as priority access to cup matches and discounts on merchandise.

For fans unable to commit to a full season ticket, matchday tickets offer the flexibility to attend individual games at St James' Park. Matchday tickets are typically available for purchase online, through the club's official ticket office, or at the stadium on match days, subject to availability.

Newcastle United offers various membership schemes, such as Magpie Mover and Magpie Club, which provide exclusive benefits and privileges to members, including priority access to tickets, discounts on match tickets and merchandise, and invitations to club events. Now that we have an overview of the ticketing options let's delve into the process of obtaining Newcastle United tickets.


Research and Planning

The first step in securing Newcastle United tickets is conducting thorough research and planning. Start by identifying the matches you wish to attend, considering factors such as opponent, matchday, and ticket availability.

Check the Newcastle United official website for information on ticket sales dates, prices, and allocation methods. Additionally, familiarise yourself with the various ticketing options available, such as season tickets, matchday tickets, and memberships, to determine which option best suits your needs.


Season Tickets

For fans seeking guaranteed access to every home game, purchasing a season ticket is the most straightforward option. Newcastle United typically announces season ticket sales dates well in advance of the start of the season, allowing fans to plan accordingly.

Season tickets are often sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so it's essential to act quickly once sales open. Keep an eye on the club's official website and social media channels for announcements regarding season ticket sales.


Matchday Tickets

If you're unable to commit to a full season ticket, matchday tickets offer a flexible alternative for attending individual games. Matchday tickets are typically available for purchase online, through the club's official ticket office, or at the stadium on match days, subject to availability.

Check the Newcastle United official website for information on matchday ticket sales dates and prices. It's advisable to purchase matchday tickets in advance to secure your seat and avoid disappointment on matchday.



Newcastle United offers various membership schemes, each with its own set of benefits and privileges. Memberships often include priority access to tickets, discounts on match tickets and merchandise, and invitations to exclusive club events.

Consider joining the Magpie Mover or Magpie Club membership schemes to gain access to priority ticket sales and other exclusive benefits. Membership fees vary depending on the tier and duration of the membership, so be sure to choose the option that best suits your needs.


Secondary Ticketing Platforms

In some cases, fans may turn to secondary ticketing platforms to purchase Newcastle United tickets from other supporters or ticket resellers. However, caution is advised when using these platforms to avoid scams or inflated prices.

At Football Ticket Pad, we have a wide range of Newcastle United tickets available that you can rest assured will reach you reliably and securely. We make sure that you are satisfied with the price, location and delivery of your tickets to make your match day travels as seemless as possible.


Ticket Exchange Programs

For those unable to make it to certain matches, the club operates a convenient ticket exchange program. Season ticket holders can seamlessly sell their tickets for games they can't attend, opening up opportunities for fellow supporters who may have missed out on tickets or faced sold-out fixtures.

Keep a close watch on Newcastle United's official website for updates and details regarding the ticket exchange program. Whether you're looking to snag a ticket for a sold-out showdown or aiming to attend a match with limited availability, the ticket exchange program offers a lifeline for fans eager to experience the thrill of St James' Park firsthand.


Official Partners and Sponsors

Stay tuned, Newcastle United fans! Beyond regular ticket sales, the club often collaborates with sponsors and affiliated organisations to bring exciting promotions and exclusive ticket access to supporters. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements regarding promotions, competitions, or special offers from Newcastle United's official partners.

These partnerships could unveil fantastic opportunities to secure tickets to highly anticipated matches or even gain access to exclusive events. Whether it's a chance to win tickets through a competition or take advantage of special offers, staying informed about these partnerships can significantly enhance your matchday experience.

Make sure to stay connected with the club's official channels and keep an eye on their website and social media platforms for the latest updates on promotions and exclusive ticket opportunities.


Ticket Resale Platforms

Looking for alternative ways to secure Newcastle United tickets? In addition to the club's official channels, fans have the option to explore reputable ticket resale platforms.

Platforms such as Football Ticket Pad provide a safe and reliable marketplace for supporters to buy and sell tickets securely.

Whether you're searching for tickets to sold-out clashes or high-demand fixtures, these platforms offer a convenient avenue to connect with fellow fans and access tickets that may not be available through traditional channels.

With robust security measures in place, you can purchase tickets with confidence, knowing that your transaction is protected. Be sure to check out ticket resale platforms like Football Ticket Pad for a hassle-free way to secure your spot at St James' Park.


Planning Ahead and Flexibility

Finally, it's essential to plan ahead and remain flexible when seeking Newcastle United tickets. High-demand matches, such as derby fixtures or games against top-flight opponents, may sell out quickly, so it's advisable to purchase tickets well in advance whenever possible.

Additionally, consider attending matches during less popular times or against lower-profile opponents to increase your chances of securing tickets.



Securing Newcastle United tickets requires careful planning and proactive action, especially for high-demand matches at St James' Park. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying informed about ticket sales dates and options, you can increase your chances of securing tickets to witness the Magpies in action firsthand may this be in Europe or the FA Cup.

Whether you opt for a season ticket, matchday ticket, or membership, there are various avenues available for obtaining Newcastle United tickets. So, start your journey today, and who knows, you might soon find yourself cheering on the Magpies from the iconic stands of St James' Park.