Looking Back at Erling Haaland's First Season With Manchester City

Published by Chris Jenkins
31st Oct 2023

Erling Haaland was one of the revelations in Manchester City’s super team during their treble-winning season in 2022/23. One popular question often asked is how many goals Erling Haaland scored in his first season.

Throughout this blog post, we are going to be taking a look back at how many goals Haaland scored last season on the blue side of Manchester and some of the accomplishments that have etched him into Manchester City folklore already.


Partnership With Kevin De Bruyne

During his first season at the club, it was very quickly established that there would be a new deadly partnership between Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne due to his superb ability to pick out a pass from anywhere on the pitch.

De Bruyne was a crucial part of why Haaland was so prolific in the 2022/23 season providing countless opportunities and assists for the Norwegian whenever possible. This partnership was even more noticeable when De Bruyne was not in the side as Haaland seemed to generate less clear-cut opportunities.

Even before Haaland, De Bruyne has been regarded as one of the best players in Premier League history but his newfound partner in crime has levelled up his output in terms of goals and assists.

In a game against Manchester United in the 2022/23 season, both Haaland and De Bruyne were incredible with Haaland managing to bag 3 goals and 2 assists, and De Bruyne himself got 2 assists. This performance was simply an example of how good these two players would be together in the future.


Breaking Premier League Records

One of the most notable achievements of Erling Haaland’s first season in the top flight of English football, since joining from Borussia Dortmund, is smashing the record for most goals in a single season by scoring 36 premier league goals across the 38-game season, a record which won him the premier league golden boot.

The record for a 38-game season was held by Mohamed Salah for some time after breaking the joint record of Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo and Alan Shearer in 2018 with 32 goals.

When Haaland joined this already dominant Man City team many people were expecting him to break this record but few would have believed that he would also beat all records for 42 game seasons as well.

This record was held for many years by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer as the most goals scored in any Premier League season until Haaland came and did so in far fewer games.

This feat in goalscoring ability is truly incredible as this record seems increasingly unlikely to ever be broken again by anyone other than Haaland himself. It will take a truly unbelievable season to see a season like this ever again, precisely the reason why people can scarcely believe it ever will be.


Pipping Arsenal To The Title

Throughout most of the 2022/23 season, Arsenal were top of the Premier League and looked like true contenders to be champions. However, towards the latter stages, many people seemed to criticise them for their lack of “killer instinct” in the final third.

This is where Manchester City had a major advantage with Erling Haaland leading the line week in and week out. Arsenal also had the major disadvantage that much of their team had never been in a situation like this before and were not prepared mentally for what it takes to win a title race.

Luckily for City, they have plenty of senior players who have won countless trophies to lead the team through the more difficult parts of the season with the likes of Ruben Dias and Rodri in the side. Haaland was simply able to follow their lead and continue scoring countless goals throughout the season.

Despite Arsenal being on top of the league for 248 days of the season, it never really looked like City were ever in any kind of danger as they were simply so dominant in every game that they played.

This was one of the defining moments of the season for Haaland, winning his first league title in his first season at Manchester City was an absolute must for him as success will have been expected by the club, fans and Haaland himself.


Finally Winning the Champions League

After so many years of hurt for Manchester City in european competitions, particularly the UEFA Champions League, the signing of Haaland was seen as the last piece in the puzzle that would finally bring the trophy to the Etihad - a prophecy that would turn out to be true.

Winning the Champions League has been commonly seen as one of Pep Guardiola’s biggest failures as Manchester City manager considering the team he had managed to acquire during his tenure.

Despite not scoring in the semi-final or final, Erling Haaland still played a huge role in securing the Champions League trophy simply by occupying the two central defenders who would undoubtedly be concerned about his ability to score goals even when not involved in build-up play.

This is the moment that cemented Manchester City as one of the greatest and most successful clubs in world football, particularly in recent years. Not only did they achieve this, but there were no simple fixtures across their run in the knockout stages.

City were forced to overcome the likes of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, both of which were dispatched incredibly effectively through incredibly dominant performances in both home and away fixtures.


Completing the Treble

After many years of being the most dominant team in English football, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side managed to cement their legacy into the history books by securing a historic treble, being only the second team in the Premier League era to win the League title, FA Cup and Champions League trophies, only missing out on the Carabao Cup.

This was an incredible achievement that was no doubt helped along by the goal-scoring prowess of Erling Haaland. With City struggling so much in the Champions League for so many years it was the tactical use of Erling Haaland that was the final piece of the puzzle for Guardiola.

As for Haaland himself, this was sure to be the first of many years of dominance in the Premier League as he displayed zero signs of slowing down at the beginning of the 23/24 season after what would have been such a tiring season for all of the City players.