The Various Sections Of Old Trafford

Published by Chris Jenkins
14th Apr 2023

Old Trafford is renowned for being one of the best stadiums in world football. Largely attributed to the football club it is home to and their acclaimed success - Manchester United. This fame has produced an influx of fans worldwide who want to witness the Red Devils live in action. With this in mind, we’ll be looking at the various sections of Old Trafford to see which parts of the stadium you need to experience.


The Various Stands:

Manchester United’s stadium, Old Trafford is made up of four stands;

  • North Stand
  • South Stand
  • East Stand
  • West Stand


The North Stand:

On the 5th of November, the North Stand became the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand to honour his 25 years of service as manager of Manchester United. The North Stand features three tiers and can hold up to 26,000 fans. Additionally, executive boxes are also available which makes for a great experience to take clients, aspiring or longstanding.

This particular stand was also the first stadium in the United Kingdom, perhaps even the world to feature a Manchester United themes museum. Originally, however, this was housed in the South Stand until renovations to the stadium in 1998.

These renovations resulted in Manchester United adopting one of the most revolutionary stadiums in the world - but the improvements didn’t stop there. Their youth facility also experienced an influx of restoration - which allowed the Red Devils to produce a wealth of star footballers. These world-class talents include David Beckham, Ryan Giggs, Paul Pogba and most recently Marcus Rashford.


The South Stand:

Despite being a single-tiered stand, the South Stand serves as the location with the most executive suites. On the 16th of April, 2016, before a Premier League game against Everton, it was revealed that the South Stand will be transformed into the Sir Bobby Charlton Stand. This was to commemorate the Manchester United legend who originally debuted 60 years ago.

Sometime after this reveal, it was announced that for the 2018-19 season, the dressing rooms will be refurbished in order to keep players further apart. This is also the location in which the Media and Press are situated - resulting in this particular section being seen the least during live broadcasts.


The West Stand:

The West Stand of Old Trafford is often referred to as ‘The Stretford End’ - this is due to the fact that behind this section of the football stadium is the Stretford market. Akin to 'The Kop' at Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield Stadium - the West Stand is where the majority of the United faithful lie. This stand used to hold up to 20,000 Red Devils, although, in 1999, the club were forced to renovate which resulted in an additional tier. This tier would be used to hang signage by passionate fans.


The East Stand:

The East Stand is lovingly known as the Scoreboard end as it was the location of the scoreboard for spectators to keep tabs on the score. This stand allows 12,000 fans to witness the live happenings, this includes away fans and disabled sections. The East Stand is also where fans can access the amazing megastore which can be found via a statue of Sir Matt Bubsy above it.

With these stands combined, this means that there are currently 74,310 seats available for die-hard Manchester United fans, excited neutrals or those simply looking for a great day out with loved ones.


The Future of Old Trafford:

Regarding the future of Old Trafford, as of the time of writing, in April 2022, the governing body expressed interest in renovating the legendary venue. Although talks were happing long before this as a year prior, co-chairman Joel Glazer informed the Manchester United Fans Forum that planning works of the stadium were in the ‘early stages’. Additionally, Glazer expressed interest in undergoing renovations to the training and youth facilities.

This was met with criticism from fans as the stadium had not been touched since 2006. Leaving some fans to feel as though their once revolutionary stadium has been surpassed by other teams within the Premier League - most notably Liverpool and Manchester City.

The latest news (as of April 2023), is that considerations are being made to have the stadium demolished with a new one being built in its place. This seems to be the least likely and certainly the least favourable option.


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