Where Is The Best Place To Sell Manchester City Tickets?

Published by Chris Jenkins
02nd Nov 2021

Nothing beats seeing the beautiful game in person. The roar of the crowd, the electric atmosphere, the gasp of anticipation just before a goal.

The chance to see some of the greatest players in world football perform in the flesh is a privilege, but unfortunately, life doesn’t always treat us so well.

Work, family, and travel commitments can all get in the way of being able to attend a match. You may have purchased your tickets long ago, only to be told you have to miss the match by your boss a week before.

This season, Manchester City looks to retain their Premier League title and fans from all around the world are desperate to see them play.

As one of the most talented squads in football, this is no surprise. If you’re looking for the best place to sell Manchester City tickets this season, then simply read this helpful guide and you’ll be on your way.


Find A Trusted Website

The football ticket-selling market is huge. With the sport being the most popular in the world, there are a lot of ways in which companies can profit. It’s important to make sure that you’re using a trusted source when selling tickets through an online distributor.

If you weren’t able to attend a concert, you could sell your tickets pretty easily. With football tickets, the rules and regulations around this are somewhat more nuanced.

For example, there are rules in place to stop someone from purchasing a season ticket and then charging people for each match individually and making a massive profit.

Many clubs use different forms of identification upon entry to the ground. If you don’t do everything above board, this could happen and result in negative consequences for you.

This makes sense, and it’s important to keep the game fair for all in order to give everyone an equal chance to go and watch the match.

A good example of a safe website is StubHub. It’s a relatively easy service to use. You can set the price of your choice and wait for buyers to come to you.

This service also has deals in place with several Premier League clubs, allowing smooth reselling to occur. This means you can rest easy knowing that the club is okay with the website.

Viagogo also has deals in place with a number of clubs. Again, you can set the price you’d like to sell at and wait to be approached by potential buyers.

This is a somewhat grey area in the world of ticket selling, so you should do your research on the individual circumstances of a match beforehand.

When it comes to Season Tickets, Manchester City allows its supporters to use their very own Ticket Exchange service if they can’t attend games. This is a helpful tool, but better if you want to transfer your ticket to friends and family.

Other official partners that Manchester City use are Circuit Hospitality, Champions Travel, and Footy Legend SL.


Check The Rules

Each club has its own rules in place in regard to the reselling of tickets so it’s crucial that you read the terms and conditions of your original purchase when deciding to do this.

If you accidentally do something wrong you may receive a permanent ban from attending any future games. There are examples of people being banned despite not knowing the rules.

This is why you should always check that what you are doing is technically legal and falls within the boundaries of what the club in question deems acceptable.

Whilst many ticket touts find ways to exploit the system, they are often caught in the long run and it’s important not to make any foolish mistakes.


Research Ticket Rates

Reselling tickets for hugely inflated prices is one of the red flags that regulators will be strongly against. Doing this is morally questionable and many people believe that this is pricing the poorer fans out of the game.

When selling a ticket, you should research the general ticket rates in order to ensure that you’re selling at a fair and reasonable price. This also makes you more likely to get a sale and make your money back if you can’t attend a game.

Final Thoughts

With so many games packed into one season, Carabao Cup tickets, FA Cup tickets, and Champions League tickets come in great demand. It’s not surprising that tickets often are resold.

There are plenty of safe websites you can use, just check the official regulations before you choose which one you’d like to sell on. Given the scope and recent success from a domestic standpoint for the sky blues, it is likely that you will see them progress fairly deep in each of these competitions.