Comparing Football Tickets In The UK To Europe

Published by Chris Jenkins
15th Mar 2022

There are a lot of differences between leagues, especially the leagues in Europe. The United Kingdom is home to the English Premier League. And even though it is considered the best league in Europe by many, it has some differences compared to other top European leagues.

The cost of a ticket is one of the most noticeable differences between the English Premier League clubs and other top European league clubs. The cost of watching football in the United Kingdom has skyrocketed in recent years. The Premier League ticket prices are higher than they are for other European soccer fans.

Chelsea is a very good example. According to BBC Sport, a fan is expected to pay £52 (€71.04) for a football ticket, if they want to support their team live at Stamford Bridge. And that is like double of tickets cost to see Real Madrid play. It costs just £17.16 (€23.44) to watch Barcelona play at the Nou Camp. We can even compare it to the £12.46 (€17.02) paid to see Dortmund play at Signal Iduna Park.


The UK versus Spanish Clubs

The cost of tickets in the United Kingdom is more expensive than it is in other European countries. The Spanish La Liga contains many renowned football teams known across Europe. Real Madrid is the team with the highest number of UEFA Champions League, which means it is the most well-known in Europe and the world.

Compared to the price of football tickets in Spanish La Liga, the price of football tickets in the United Kingdom (especially in the English Premier League) can only be said to be more expensive for fans of English football, as fans get match-day tickets at a very high rate compared to those in the Spanish La Liga.

Real Madrid and Barcelona, the two strongest teams in La Liga in the market for football tickets, have the following prices: Real Madrid's cheapest ticket price is £26.12, while to witness live football action at the Nou Camp, Barcelona fans will pay £17.16 to get the cheapest ticket available. If the price given above for the two biggest La Liga clubs is compared to that of the United Kingdom's biggest clubs' ticket prices, the difference shows how expensive it is to be a football fan in the UK.

Chelsea fans who are willing to watch any of the club's matches live will need to get a ticket, and the cheapest is £52. For a Manchester City match, the cheapest tickets are sold at £42, while Liverpool sells their cheapest football match tickets at £37.

Even though Manchester United sells their cheapest football match tickets for £31, only Arsenal, out of the five biggest clubs in the United Kingdom, sells their tickets for £27, which is just a little above the price Real Madrid sells theirs.


The UK Versus German Clubs

The German Bundesliga is another prominent league in Europe. The Bundesliga is the home league for top-flight teams in Germany. Bayern Munich is one of the notable teams playing in the German Bundesliga. They are also known for their notable fanbase. And with that, of course, fans are expected to go for football tickets.

Football tickets in the UK are more expensive than in Germany, where football tickets in the UK are cheaper. Bayern Munich's fans who would love to watch the team's soccer match live are expected to get tickets, and the tickets with the cheapest price are £11.19. Borussia Dortmund is another top-flight football club in Germany. And the cost of football tickets are £12.46 for Borussia Dortmund.

In the marketplace for football tickets, the average price for the cheapest ticket in the Bundesliga is £10.33, and the average cost of the lowest-priced adult season ticket is £207.22, compared to £28.30 and £467.95, respectively, in the English Premier League.


The UK Versus Italian Clubs

Many believe Serie A to be the toughest league in Europe. This assertion is because, like the English Premier League, Serie A consists of notable big football clubs.

Juventus is a very notable club in this category. The team is also known for its huge fanbase. Fans of Juventus can watch the club’s games live by getting the tickets of their choice. But to get their cheapest European football tickets, fans pay £18.66.

AC Millan is another top-flight club in Italy, and despite being a well-known club, their fans can watch their matches in their football stadium for as little as £14.93.

Comparing this to the cost of football tickets in the United Kingdom compared to their Italian counterparts shows that Italian clubs have a cheaper football ticket rate compared to those of football clubs in the United Kingdom.


The UK Versus French Clubs

Ligue 1 consists of notable football clubs that are also known to be as competitive as other European clubs. Ligue 1 is also a notable part of the leagues in Europe. Paris Saint-Germain is the most famous club in this category. And the cost of the cheapest football ticket is £15.67. Comparing the cost of football tickets for clubs in the United Kingdom to French clubs like Paris Saint Germain shows that the United Kingdom club’s football tickets are more expensive.


Why are UK football clubs' tickets more expensive compared to other European clubs?

After the comparison between football tickets for clubs in the UK and Europe, the question that is expected to come to mind is why are UK tickets more expensive?

Due to the high demand for football tickets in the UK, football tickets are expensive in the United Kingdom compared to Europe. Due to the high demand, it is almost impossible to get some home game tickets for many UK football fans. Many fans resolve to get a season ticket to avoid being unable to get a game ticket due to the high demand. Some even resolve to get their football tickets online.

Another reason for the hike is that football used to be quite popular among working-class people, but as time went on, the link between football violence and working-class people became more frightening. As a result, the clubs resolved to do something about it and preserve their good name by hiking season ticket costs to the point where only the wealthy members of society could afford them.