Our Guide To Stamford Bridge: The Home Of Chelsea FC

Published by Chris Jenkins
28th Jan 2022

Chelsea FC is one of the most decorated clubs in English football. With a massive trophy cabinet and plenty of fans from all around the world, the team must have a stadium to match.

Stamford Bridge is an amazing location that the Chelsea faithful flock to each time there is a game on. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the home of the boys in blue.


History Of Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge opened its doors to the world on the 28th of April 1877. At the time, it was not the home of Chelsea. It mainly served as a venue for athletics, not football.

The owners of the stadium wanted a location that could host football and so they hired Archibald Leitch, an architect, to design a new stadium.

The stadium got a massive overhaul and was almost completely rebuilt in 1905. At this point, the stadium was offered to Fulham FC, but they turned it down. This led to the formation of Chelsea FC.

Not many changes were made between 1905 and 1930, but at that point, new terraces were built at the Shed End. In 1939, a small seating stand was built at the North End.

The stadium hosted massive crowds, with Chelsea having one of the most devoted fanbases in the country. Its highest attendance at this point was in 1935 when almost 83,000 fans attended a game against Arsenal.

Further redevelopments occurred through the 60s and 70s, with the terraces of the West Stand being replaced by a new covered seating stand. After numerous changes throughout the 70s, mainly revolving around the construction of the new East Stand, Chelsea hit some financially difficult times. The club almost became bankrupt.

Due to this unfortunate circumstance, Stamford Bridge was sold to property developers to pay off some of the debts that the club had accrued. This was a controversial decision, but necessary.

After years of struggle, the club won back the ownership of Stamford Bridge in 1992. The stadium was in urgent need of redevelopment but these changes did not begin until 1994 with the demolition of the North terraces.

Through the 90s and leading up to 2001, most of the terraces were replaced with new seating stands. The stadium is currently one of the most polished and impressive home grounds around, but the club is looking to expand further. Perhaps this will come in the form of new stands, or perhaps in the form of a brand-new stadium. As one of the last remaining traditional football stadiums in the country, it’s a place you really should visit. But how do you get there?


How To Get To Stamford Bridge

There are all sorts of choices for getting to Stamford Bridge. One of the best methods for arriving is via the nearby train station, Fulham Broadway.

You can also use the London Overground and Southern Rail administrations. Royal Wharf is a brief stroll from the ground, and the walk allows you to stretch out before watching the blues. This is a good option if you’re looking to take in the sights and get some exercise en route to the match.

Several buses lead to the ground including the 14 and the 211. Parking can be a nightmare on matchday, so it’s always worth considering this well in advance before you set off.

If you are planning to reach the ground by car, you should look into nearby parking spaces that aren’t directly located by the stadium. There are also plenty of options that require only a short walk.


Nearby Activities

Matchday rituals are an important part of football. It’s not all about the stadium itself; the surrounding areas are a huge part of what makes hallowed pitches so special.

Stamford Bridge itself is located on the border of Chelsea and Fulham. On Fulham Road and King’s Road, you can expect to find some excellent coffee shops, restaurants, and of course pubs.

A stone's throw from the stadium is the Chelsea Village complex. This location has restaurants, a sports bar, and the millennium hotel, which is an affluent place to stay with all sorts of comfortable amenities.

Win, lose or draw, there is a lot to do after a game at Stamford Bridge. If you’re interested in having an upbeat and lively time, you could head to the nearby club Under The Bridge. This venue hosts all sorts of events and is always exciting on match day.

If you’re more interested in a chilled-out vibe in which to discuss the game, Cafe Brazil is a great option. It has everything you could want, with a variety of great food and drinks. This is an excellent place to go to get deep into discussions about football, and life in general. You will also find plenty of welcoming locals to chat with in these bars.


Important Chelsea Fixtures

Chelsea faces off against Lille in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. This will be a challenging game as Thomas Tuchel looks to recreate his success from last year's Champions League final triumph.

The league cup final is also approaching. This fixture will be undoubtedly exciting, with Chelsea v Liverpool as both teams look to add silverware to their already impressive trophy cabinets.

On the last day of the season, Chelsea travel to Manchester United which could very easily turn into an important fixture into who finishes above the other in the Premier League table.