Exploring The Success Of Past Liverpool Managers

Published by Chris Jenkins
31st Mar 2023

Following the inception of Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool has become the most successful English team, besting Manchester United at the time of writing having won 68 trophies compared to the red devils' 67 titles. With this in mind, in our latest post, we will explore past Liverpool Managers' success to highlight which manager obtained the most success during their years in charge of the mighty Reds.


Bill Shankly:

It goes without saying that Bill Shankly lived and will continue to live in the hearts of Liverpool fans - their love resulted in the Shankly Gates outside of the famous stadium with the iconic mantra ‘you’ll never walk alone’ to boot.

Bill Shankly was the manager of Liverpool from the 1st of December 1959 to the 12th of July 1974. During this time, Shankly managed 783 games for the mighty Reds while picking up 407 wins - resulting in a win percentage of 51.98%. With this win percentage, Bill Shankly could lift a wide array of trophies during his tenure.

These trophies included three League One Championships, a League Two Championship, two FA Cups, three Community Shields and one UEFA Cup (Today known as the Europa League). With the number of trophies amassed during his time as Liverpool's manager, it’s no wonder that he’s so highly regarded as one of if not the greatest managers for the Reds. While Shankly’s time is considered legendary, his successor is considered to be more iconic - and it’s not hard to see why.


Bob Paisley:

Following Shankly’s last summer with Liverpool on the 26th of August 1974, Bob Paisley was appointed by Liverpool to take the helm and what transpired was what most consider to be the greatest era for Liverpool Football Club. During Paisley’s 535 games in charge, he was able to obtain 308 wins - accumulating a win percentage of 57.57%.

Akin to Shankly, Paisley was able to accrue a vast amount of silverware during his time, although the number Paisley finished on was vastly greater. Ultimately Bob Paisley was able to lift 20 trophies:

  • A staggering six League One Title
  • Three League Cups
  • Six Community Shields
  • Three European Cups (Otherwise known as the UEFA Champions League)
  • One UEFA Cup
  • And one UEFA Super Cup

Bob Paisley had a special connection with the Liverpool players and fans as most recently in 2020, a statue was unveiled of the iconic manager carrying the injured captain at the time Emlyn Hughes. Similar to Bob Paisley, there is another manager who garnered love and jubilation - many fans simply know him as ‘King Kenny’.


Kenny Dalglish:

Though not the manager immediately after Bob Paisley, this was Joe Fagan who had successes of his own - lifting three trophies with the Reds. Kenny Dalglish joined Liverpool on the 30th of May 1985 until the 21st of February 1991. King Kenny was also the first player-manager to ever lead the Reds - whilst also being the only person to have two spells as manager.

Though his second run as manager wasn’t particularly remembered fondly (despite signing some Liverpool legends and winning a League Cup) - his initial managerial spell was unmistakably potent. During his spell, King Kenny won nine trophies including 3 League titles, two FA Cups as well and four Community Shields.

Prior to Kenny’s second spell in charge, the Reds were graced with another incredible - one who was far more the tactician instead of the free-flowing football of other managerial styles:


Rafa Benitez:

Rafa Benitez joined the Reds on the 16th of June 2004, and merely one year later, provided one of the most miraculous comebacks of all time - the Champions League Final in Istanbul. We have spoken about this in a previous blog post in which we take a look back on the Champions League Final in Istanbul.

It is also during Rafa’s tenure that Liverpool legends truly honed their skills, the Scouse duo of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Together, both players and manager were able to win the Champions League, the FA Cup as well as the Community Shield and Super Cup.

Following his departure on the 3rd of June 2010, Liverpool fans were anticipating the next legendary manager - optimistic fans thought Brendan Rodgers could provide Premier League glory which he very nearly did. Alas, this was not meant to be following the now iconic slip against Chelsea at Anfield.

However, it took a somewhat ‘normal’ person to take the helm - Jurgen Klopp.


Jurgen Klopp:

Following Rodgers’ sacking from Liverpool, on the 8th of October 2015, Klopp was appointed, leaving Borussia Dortmund - much to the jubilation of the Liverpool faithful. Differing from Rafa’s technical style of play, Klopp has been lorded for his 4-3-3 formation with blistering pace and aggression. This style of play proved to be too much for teams as at the time of writing, they have managed to lift every trophy possible for an English side. This includes:

  • One Premier League trophy
  • One FA Cup
  • One EFL Cup
  • One Champions League
  • One Super Cup
  • One Community Shield
  • And One FIFA Club World Cup

In addition to an amazing manager, Liverpool fans have been blessed with having some amazing players alongside the manager, such as; Mohammed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, Jordan Henderson, Virgil Van Djik, Allison and Trent Alexander-Arnold. At the time of writing, Jurgen is still managing the Reds so time will tell if he can lift even more trophies with the squad.

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