How Long Is The Waiting List For A Chelsea Season Ticket?

Published by Chris Jenkins
31st Mar 2022

A season ticket to see all of your most anticipated Premier League games might set you back as much as $1,500. You can even expect to spend more on a season ticket for your favourite team due to inflation, the cost of new stadiums, and increased ticket prices. Additionally, the high demand for season tickets means you might have to wait a long time to acquire one, particularly if you are trying to secure a seat at a top-flight football club like Chelsea FC.

Becoming season ticket holders grants fans access to all of your team's home matches and even some of your club's European matches. If you happen to be a hard-core fan, purchasing a season ticket from a ticket office is most likely the best option you can choose.

But the cost and availability of season tickets are the two important determinants. In most cases, the prices and availability of season tickets prove to be significant obstacles for diehard fans of football clubs in England from getting season tickets. This case becomes especially exacerbated if it is a top-flight team.


Chelsea Football Club's Season Ticket Sales Modality

Chelsea does not make use of a waiting list option for their season ticket purchasing services. The system Chelsea implements is that of "loyalty points."

To purchase tickets for home or away football matches, especially in the Premier League, domestic cup, and European tournaments, club members receive "loyalty points," which you can use for future purchases. There are more points granted for less popular games.

Every summer, if there are any remaining season ticket slots, they are made available only to the club members who have earned a particular number of points during the preceding season. It is necessary to become a club member and then attend many games to be eligible to get season tickets.

Purchase of tickets will result in the awarding of points, with the number of points earned depending on the level of opposition or competition. A single point will be awarded to members against opponents like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham Hotspur. Buying tickets for other home and away matches will earn a member three points.

When the club members get tickets for FA Cup matches, except for the semi-final match or the final, they will be awarded five loyalty points. They can also get five points when they get tickets for home and away games in the EFL cup, except for the final.

When members buy tickets for the group stage matches of any UEFA competition played in Stamford Bridge, or away tickets for all UEFA competitions, they will also be awarded five loyalty points. They will also get five loyalty points when they buy tickets for the UEFA Super Cup Final and the FIFA Club World Cup matches.

The prices of season tickets in the Chelsea Football Club also vary considering the hospitality packages you desire.


Season Tickets Prices in Chelsea FC

The area where a fan would like to view Chelsea matches can determine the price at which football fans can get Chelsea's season tickets. You enjoy a range of high-quality benefits as a season ticket holder. The prices are subcategorised into three. The adult, senior, and juvenile. Below are the prices of the different season tickets that you can get for Chelsea matches.

For fans watching Chelsea’s home game from the Upper East area of the Stamford Bridge Stadium, the season ticket is charged £940 for the adult category and £440 for both the senior and the juvenile category. While for the East Lower Family Centre, Chelsea fans are expected to pay £595 for the adult category, and £295 for both senior and juvenile categories.

The season ticket price for Chelsea supporters who will be watching their team's home games from the West stand upper tier and West Lower section of the Stamford Bridge Stadium is £900 for the adult category and £450 for both the senior and the juvenile categories.

To watch from the Matthew Harding Upper area of Stamford Bridge the season ticket price is £880 for the adult category while the senior category is expected to pay £425. The juvenile category costs £425 for a season ticket to watch Chelsea's home game at the Matthew Harding upper area of Stamford Bridge.

To secure a space in the Matthew Harding Lower area, the adult category is expected to pay £750 for their season tickets. While the Senior and the juvenile are expected to pay £380 respectively.

Season tickets for the Shed Upper section of Stamford Bridge are available for purchase for £880 for adults and £425 for seniors, with the former costing more. The juvenile category is also likely to pay £425 for a season ticket to see Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge, which will be located in the Matthew Harding top section of the stadium.

It is estimated that the adult category would spend £750 on their season tickets to ensure a spot in the Shed Lower section. Chelsea fans can get season tickets to watch home games at the Shed Lower Section in the senior category and the juvenile category for £380.


Possible Alternatives to Purchasing Season Tickets

The truth remains that not everyone will get a season ticket. Season tickets for Premier League teams now target a certain number of fans. With the seven-day workweek in the UK, it might be impossible to attend every game unless you're a true fan.

If you want to watch Chelsea's games, you can buy an individual ticket. But the setback is that they are limited, especially for the top-flight football clubs.

The best thing to do is to use ticket resale sites. Different sites are serving an expanded range of fans with the opportunity to support their football clubs. People can choose what games they want to watch and where they sit on resale sites. You can get either your Premier League tickets or FA cup tickets there. It doesn't come with a lot of merchandise or hidden charges.

There are just a few excellent internet ticket resellers available nowadays who will not scam you in the process of getting tickets. Here at Football Ticket Pad, we have an excellent reputation for getting you an affordable ticket for the next Chelsea match.