Our Guide To Old Trafford – The Home Of Manchester United

Published by Chris Jenkins
30th Nov 2021

Old Trafford is one of the most incredible football stadiums in the world. It is home to Manchester United, arguably the biggest club in England.

Over the years it has hosted numerous incredible matches, ranging from Manchester United’s home games to various cup finals.

In England, it is second only to Wembley in terms of its scale and it’s seriously impressive to behold. With a capacity of 74,140, it is the largest football club home ground in the Premier League.

For some people, visiting Old Trafford is like a religious experience. It is deeply interwoven in the history of world football and thousands of people flock to it each time there is a game.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the fascinating intricacies of this momentous place and give you helpful tips on how best to enjoy your time at Old Trafford. So without further ado, this is our guide to Old Trafford - the home of Manchester United.


History Of Old Trafford

Manchester United began as a club named Newton Heath and changed its name in 1902. Before they moved to Old Trafford, they played their football games at North Road and Bank Street in Clayton. These grounds were barely hospitable and often suffered due to bad weather conditions.

The club was taken over by rich owners who deemed these grounds to be unsuitable and decided that a large club would need good ground. This is where the construction of Old Trafford began.

It opened on 19th February 1910 and hosted a game between Manchester United and Liverpool, in which United lost 4-3. This game has since gone on to become a hugely heated derby due to rivalries between the two cities.

At the time, Old Trafford was considered one of the most impressive football grounds in the world and that has never changed.

With various expansions and numerous trophies housed at Old Trafford throughout the years, it is a place that is synonymous with success and glory.


Layout Of The Stadium

Old Trafford has four main stands from which you can view the game. The longside stands are the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand and the South Stand.

If you get a seat in these sections you will be able to watch the game from a great viewpoint, as you will be at the side of the pitch. This allows you to watch the game unfold with an excellent view of both teams.

The short side stands are called the East and West stands. These areas are good if you want to view goals from up close and get entrenched in the atmosphere.

The whole stadium is pretty good in terms of views, although if you are higher up you may want to consider bringing your glasses with you should you need them.


Food And Drink In The Stadium

Food and drink prices in Old Trafford are not much different from most grounds around the UK. Unfortunately, this means that drinks are somewhat expensive.

Despite this, it is important to note that there are lots of nearby pubs and restaurants that can cater to your needs, and the food and drink available within Old Trafford itself are of a pretty good standard.


How To Get To Old Trafford

Old Trafford’s postcode is M16 0RA. If you’re driving to the stadium, this postcode will direct you to where you need to go, but keep in mind that you will need to find a decent parking space.

On match days, the areas surrounding Old Trafford can get very busy, so it’s recommended that you plan well ahead for travel and parking. It can take a while to reach the stadium due to this, so always set off on your journey with ample time.

There is a conveniently placed train station named the Manchester United Football Ground Stadium right next to Old Trafford. You can get here via trains from Manchester Piccadilly, which is a major UK station and accessible via most nationwide train routes.

If you want to visit the Salford Quays area before the game begins then you can take the Metrolink towards Eccles. This gives you a chance to explore some of the local hotspots before heading to the game.



The atmosphere in Old Trafford is famous for being electric. We recommend getting there as early as possible to soak in the scenes and get well involved with the fanfare surrounding the club.

Booming chants and fiercely loyal support fill the ground at each game, even when the club isn’t playing well. Over the past few years, Manchester United has struggled at times, but their fans always show up in force.

Many people around the world travel to Manchester to get a chance to watch a game in this iconic stadium, and season ticket holders certainly count themselves lucky.


Manchester United’s Current Season

With the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, things look set to change at Manchester United. This wasn’t the ending that the fans wanted, but the bitter reality has finally set in.

Ralf Rangnick is now ready to take the reins until the summer and hopefully provide the team with the tactical direction they need to win a trophy. Fans are hoping that the appointment of Rangnick is the right decision to take them forward for long-term success once again.

Whether or not they can achieve this is the question that must be answered over the next half of the season. With such a talented squad, it seems likely that results may begin to turn in United’s favour.

One thing is for sure, with so many explosive matches coming up, Old Trafford will be as exciting as ever this season. Grab your MUFC tickets today to watch United live at Old Trafford and away.