Ranking The Best Liverpool Goalkeepers

Published by Chris Jenkins
18th Oct 2023

Ranking The Best Liverpool Goalkeepers

When you think of Liverpool Football Club, the first names that often come to mind are the legendary strikers and midfielders who have graced Anfield over the years.

However, behind every great team is a great goalkeeper. Liverpool FC has had its fair share of outstanding shot-stoppers throughout its history.

In this blog, we will take a journey through time to rank the best Liverpool goalkeepers who have had the privilege to represent the iconic Liverpool badge.


1.Ray Clemence

No list of Liverpool's best goalkeepers would be complete without mentioning Ray Clemence. He joined Liverpool in 1967 and went on to become an Anfield legend.

Clemence was a key figure in the team during the 1970s and early 1980s, helping Liverpool win numerous league titles and European trophies.

Clemence was known for his outstanding positioning, reflexes, and shot-stopping ability. The iconic goalkeeper made an astonishing 650 plus appearances, winning multiple awards for his dedication and commitment to Liverpool FC.

His remarkable consistency and calm demeanor made him a beloved figure amongst Liverpool fans. Clemence's legacy at Anfield is undeniable, and he stands as one of the greatest goalkeepers in Liverpool's history.


2.Alisson Becker

Alisson Becker is Liverpool FC’s current first-choice goalkeeper and his impact on the team has been nothing short of sensational, making him a fan favourite at the club.

The Brazilian shot-stopper was signed from AS Roma in 2018, and he quickly established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Alisson's arrival brought much-needed stability to Liverpool's defense. His incredible shot-stopping abilities, composure on the ball, and excellent distribution skills have made him a vital part of Jurgen Klopp's team.

He played a crucial role in Liverpool's success in the 2018-2019 UEFA Champions League and the club's first Premier League title in 30 years in the 2019-2020 season.


3.Bruce Grobbelaar

Bruce Grobbelaar's eccentric and entertaining style of play made him a fan favourite during his time at Liverpool. The Zimbabwean goalkeeper joined the club in 1981 and became an integral part of the dominant Liverpool team of the 1980s.


Grobbelaar was known for his antics during the penalty shootouts in the 1984 European Cup final against AS Roma where he helped them be victorious. He was known for his agility, acrobatics, and ability to pull off incredible saves.

Grobbelaar won numerous league titles and European trophies with Liverpool during his time at the club and remains one of the most memorable and beloved goalkeepers in the club's history.


4.Tommy Lawrence

Tommy Lawrence was a vital character in the Liverpool team during the 1960s. The goalkeeper was known for his agility, excellent reflexes, and strong shot-stopping ability.

Lawrence played an essential part in the rise and success of Liverpool FC under Bill Shankly’s legendary team.

Although Lawrence's era at Liverpool preceded the club's most successful period, his contributions to the club were significant. He became one of Liverpool's all-time greatest goalkeepers as a result of his outstanding performances between the sticks.


5.Jerzy Dudek

Polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek etched his name into Liverpool history with his heroic performance in the 2005 Champions League where Liverpool made a miraculous comeback against the great AC Milan.

Dudek's incredible saves during the penalty shootout secured Liverpool's fifth European Cup, and his 'spaghetti legs' dance became an iconic moment in the club's history.

While Dudek’s Liverpool career was relatively short compared to others, he will still go down as one of the Liverpool greats for his unforgettable moments in the final.


6.Elisha Scott

Elisha Scott was one of Liverpool’s earliest goalkeeping legends. Scott represented the club between 1912 and 1934, making over 400 appearances during his time. Scott was known for his bravery and leadership when commanding his penalty area.

Scott played a pivotal role in Liverpool's early successes, and he is often remembered for his remarkable performance in the 1923 FA Cup final against West Ham United.

His legacy as one of Liverpool's greatest goalkeepers is a testament to his longevity and the impact he had on the club during his lengthy career.


7.Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina, the Spanish shot-stopper, was a consistent and reliable presence in Liverpool's goal between 2005 and 2014. He was signed by Rafa Benitez and quickly established himself as one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League during his time at Anfield.

Reina's excellent shot-stopping abilities, quick reflexes, and distribution skills made him a fan favorite. The Spanish goalkeeper won numerous awards for his consistent performances, ranking him as one of the best in the Premier League at the time.


8.Sander Westerveld

Sander Westerveld, the Dutch goalkeeper was formerly the most expensive goalkeeper in English football history when he signed for Liverpool FC for £4m. The goalkeeper had a notable spell during the late 1990s and early 2000s when he was signed by manager Gerard Houllier from Vitesse Arnhem.

Westerveld quickly became Liverppol’s first-choice goalkeeper and played a crucial part in the club’s treble-winning season in 2000-2001 when the club secured the FA Cup, Football League Cup, and UEFA Cup.


9.Bruce James

Bruce James was a key figure during the late 1950s and early 1960s and was known for his agility and shot-stopping ability. He made over 300 appearances for the club and played a role in helping Liverpool achieve promotion to the first division in 1962.

James' contributions to Liverpool were crucial during a time of change and development for the club. While he may not be as widely celebrated as some of the other goalkeepers on this list, his impact on the team's progress should not be overlooked.


10.David James

David James, often referred to as ‘Calamity James’ for his occasional high-profile errors, had an eventful career as Liverpool goalkeeper. Despite the occasional mishap, James' reflexes and shot-stopping abilities made him a valuable asset for Liverpool.

He played a part in the club's success during the 1990s and early 2000s, and his time at Anfield is certainly worth acknowledging.


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