The Best Stadiums For A Champions League Game

Published by Chris Jenkins
25th Jan 2022

The Champions League is arguably the most prestigious competition in football. Each year, the elite teams from the best leagues in Europe come together to determine the one true champion.

Over the years there have been some incredible matches, but what’s a good match without an iconic setting? The stadiums that have hosted the Champions League throughout the decades are one of the most integral aspects of the joy of the competition.

From epic super stadiums to homegrown fortresses, there are a wide variety of football grounds to look at. In this article, we’re going to take you through the best stadiums for a Champions League game and look at why they are so important when it comes to the European trophy.



Anfield is well known for being one of the best stadiums to go to for a night of European football. Numerous big games have happened at Anfield that are now etched into the collective footballing consciousness, such as the incredible 4-0 win against Barcelona in 2019.

When it looked as though there was no way Liverpool could stay in the competition, they produced magic. Many people attribute part of the success of this night to the atmosphere in the ground.

Liverpool has the joint-second most Champions League titles. Leading the race is Real Madrid, but Liverpool and Bayern Munich both have 6, which is a really impressive feat.

Anfield has often been described as a fortress, and when the legion of fans begin to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” before a match, it is undoubtedly a moving and powerful thing to behold.

Liverpool looks eager to reclaim the trophy once again this year, but whether or not they can do it remains to be seen. They have a lot of challenges still waiting, but you can never rule them out when it comes to winning the Champions League, and Anfield will definitely have a part to play in whatever journey they go on.


Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Home to serial Champions League winners Real Madrid, we couldn’t talk about this competition without mentioning this iconic stadium.

With a capacity of 81,044, it is the second-largest stadium in Spain and the third-largest home to a top-flight European club.

Not only has the Bernabeu hosted many of Real Madrid's home games in the Champions League, but it has also hosted the final on 4 separate occasions. These occasions came in 1957, 1969, 1980, and 2010 respectively.

Real Madrid holds the record for the most Champions League wins with an impressive 13 trophies. They are always a threat in this competition, once winning it 3 times in a row.

With previous CL winner Carlo Ancelotti now at the reigns once again, Real Madrid will be hoping to claim the trophy this year. Their next game is against PSG in the Round Of 16, so things are about to get intense.


Allianz Arena

As was mentioned previously, Bayern Munich has the second most Champions League titles along with Liverpool. They last won the competition in 2020 and are eager to add to their tally.

The Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Munich is an unbelievably impressive stadium. You only have to look at it once to be blown away by the design. It looks like something from out of this world and creates an instant sense of awe within the viewer.

When games take place here, those in the crowd know they’re part of something special. The stadium is home to the most decorated club in German football and they are an imposing figure to go up against. The stadium only adds to this.

The Allianz Arena hosted the Champions League final in 2012. Unfortunately for Bayern Munich, they lost out on the title when they failed to win a penalty shootout against Chelsea.


Camp Nou

Camp Nou is the biggest stadium in Spain and Europe. It has a capacity of almost 100,000, which is almost unprecedented. With a set of hugely devoted die-hard fans, Barcelona plays their home games at Camp Nou and fills out the stadium each time.

Deeply tied into the culture of Catalonia, the stadium is iconic. Even those in the highest seats get an incredible experience on this ground.

Over the years, the stadium has hosted some of the most memorable games in Champions League history, which is why it has found itself on this list.

Back in 1999, it hosted the Champions League final in which Manchester United managed to win the trophy by scoring two dramatic late goals. This is just one of the matches that will be etched into the memories of football fans around the world.

Much like Anfield, it’s a place in which a comeback is always possible. Unfortunately for Barcelona, they were knocked out of the competition in the group stages this season; but that doesn’t change the stadium's status as one of the greatest Champions League stadiums in the world.



The yellow wall is an amazing thing to behold. The Borussia Dortmund faithful make up one of the most fearsome fanbases in world football, and when they come together on a Champions League night it is like nothing else.

Unlike many other stadiums, the Westfalenstadion has incorporated “safe standing” for the crowd. This adds to the earth-shattering atmosphere and allows fans to express themselves fully during the game.

Among the iconic games to have taken place here are Dortmund's own comeback against Malaga in the 2013 Champions League quarter-final, as well as when they beat Real Madrid 4-1.


Final Thoughts

Each of these stadiums has its own unique features, and they’re all equally majestic when it comes to Champions League football. On those special nights when anything can happen, the setting is crucial.

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