Does Man City Have What It Takes To Win The Champions League?

Published by Chris Jenkins
14th Apr 2022

After having a good run under the genius Spanish manager, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City has been on the radar of contending for the most prestigious trophy in the history of European football, the Champions League. Though many ask the question, “Has Man City won the Champions League,” the answer remains no. Again, Manchester City has been drawn against the more challenging team in the UEFA Champions League.

In addition to winning the Premier League, Manchester City has set its eyes on winning the Champions League after virtually clinching the championship. Despite having a solid lineup and much stronger financial resources, the English have failed to win the title.

Man City have advanced to the Quarter-Finals for the third consecutive season under the management of Pep Guardiola, where they were eliminated in the previous two seasons. Even though they are on the more difficult side of the bracket, this team has changed a lot this season and could win the Champions League, even though the Man City Champions League Final match against Chelsea in the 2020/21 season ended in a painful defeat.


Why is Manchester City a Good Fit for the Champions League Trophy?

Considering many reasons, the Manchester City football club has proven to be a perfect fit for getting the Champions League trophy. Some of the reasons will be discussed below.


Ruthless Attack

Talking about a football team no defence wants to play against, Manchester City is just the perfect football team to talk about. Previously, doubters pointed out that City lacked choices at the centre-forward position. Still, the manager, Guardiola, and the entire Man City squad have rendered that argument useless by scoring goals at whim throughout the season.

The opposition's defence is regularly pulled out of position due to the City's deployment of the False Nine and the continual interchange and movement in the attacking phase of the City game. Nothing less than 98 goals have been scored by Pep Guardiola's team throughout all competitions this season, and there is no likelihood that this pace of goal-scoring will slow down soon.

Guardiola's ability to utilize players in various roles is one of his team's offensive strengths. The players (especially the attackers) are so accustomed to switching positions and being ruthless with their final touches that their excellent results come with ease every week when it comes to City.


Fantastic Midfielders

Manchester City has the finest midfield globally, considering commitment and results over time. As Manchester City is known for its possession style of play, a good midfield is a necessary stakeholder in successfully carrying out this style of play, and Manchester City has the best quality for the job. Kevin De Bruyne is possibly the finest ball-crosser in the football world, and he is also a man who enjoys nothing more than providing assists to his teammates.

Pep Guardiola also has a guy who can do it all Bernardo Silva. A fantastic football maestro who can pass, press, score, and shoot. Bernardo Silva is like a Swiss Army knife of a player; he is versatile. The Portuguese star does everything he can to do what is asked of him. And Ilkay Gundogan, the midfielder for Manchester City, is possibly the most underappreciated player on the team. He is one of the most cerebral and level-headed passers of the ball we have in the world of football.

Rodri has been instrumental in Manchester City's comeback to become the team on top of the Premier League standings this season. Considering how Pep Guardiola's side works in the next section, his passing ability and wins back possession have become critical.

He frequently grabs the media's attention with his performance in the midfield. He raised the expectations of City with the way he scored a stunning goal against Everton. With his usage of the ball, snatching it in compact circumstances, establishing the pace for his side, and thus dictating games, it is promising that Manchester City can win the Champions League with such a fantastic midfielder.


Rock-solid Defense

One of the ways Champions League performances can be predicted is through domestic league performances (even though there are surprises at times). Manchester City's success in the Premier League has shown the rest of the world just how rock-solid their defence has been. In all the 30 Premier League games they have played thus far, Manchester City has conceded only 18 goals.

In one of the Man City Champions League fixtures, City defeated Atletico Madrid, a well-known team in Spain for their defensive prowess, 1-0 in the first leg of their 2021/22 Champions League quarter-final first-leg match at the Etihad Stadium in a contest that ended 1-0 in the first leg of their 2021/22 Champions League quarter-final first leg match.

The Atletico Madrid team could not generate a single shot on goal during the entire 90-minute contest, with City stifling all offensive attempts by the opponent. The sharpness and defensive effort of the team are enough to tell how prepared the Manchester City team is to claim the Champions League trophy they've desired for a long time.

Ruben Diaz is a Manchester City defender who has an exceptional ability for a player in his position. Ruben Dias received numerous individual honours during his debut season in English football, partly due to the outstanding quality of his performances, which mainly were in conjunction with John Stones at the heart of the City defence.

He won the FWA Footballer of the Year award, the Manchester City Player of the Year award, and the Premier League and Champions League Defender of the Season honours after a season that solidified his position as the top central defender in the English game.


A Genius Manager

Having all the qualities listed above without a capable manager is not enough. This fact was proven in the 2020/21 season as a Chelsea team with a promising squad was seen struggling under the supervision of the club’s former player and legend, Frank Lampard. But shortly after Thomas Tuchel came on board, the team got back in shape, winning the Champions League.

Pep Guardiola is a notable manager for his brilliance and track record of excellence over time. He has managed different teams in different leagues and guided them into glory. The most remarkable years of his managing career were at Barcelona, where he managed the most talented squad the world of football has witnessed, winning the Champions League trophy twice in 2009 and 2011.

With his experience and tactical brilliance, he can guide the Man City Champions League run to a successful end.