Predicting The Champions League 2021/2022 Finalists

Published by Chris Jenkins
09th Feb 2022

The Champions League is an amazing competition. Champions League football allows for some of the greatest teams in world football to face off to determine who takes the glory each season. Over the years, there have been some incredible Champions League finals that will live long in the memory of live spectators.

Some years, a plucky underdog shocks everyone by going on an unprecedented run and taking the title. Other years, all-star teams dominate the competition with flawless football and glide towards the trophy. One thing remains certain, it’s always entertaining.

This year hasn’t changed. So far, we’ve seen some shocking exits and surprising victories; but who will go the whole way? It’s always hard to call, but in this article, we’re going to take a look at the remaining teams in the Champions League and determine who will reach the finals in the 2021/2022 season.


The Underdogs

At the time of writing, the round of 16 is fast approaching and this part of the competition is arguably the most difficult as it can make or break a campaign. It’s also the time that fans usually around this time that people start to make their predictions.

Played over 2 legs (home and away), anything can happen in the Round of 16. Over the years there have been numerous examples of teams clawing back their spot in the 2nd leg, so nothing is for certain. This year there are several underdogs who deserve to be looked at.



Lille have done really well to get to the Round of 16 and are not a team to be discounted. They won Ligue 1 last season under the guidance of Christoph Galtier, who revolutionised the club and returned them to their former glory.

They have built steadily to this point, becoming a strong and steady team. Galtier has since departed, but the club still has a lot of threats and could prove problematic for others. They face off against Chelsea, who have been experiencing their own struggles. Only time will tell how this one pans out.



Sporting CP is currently 2nd in the Primeira Liga in Portugal. Often referred to as Sporting Lisbon, they are one of the most decorated clubs in Portuguese history and many stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo rose up through their ranks.

For the last 2 decades, they had been suffering a league title drought. That all changed last season as Sporting managed to win the league once again. They’ve undoubtedly had peaks and troughs, but right now they’re a formidable force.

They’re facing off against Manchester City, who will be a tough opponent. The first leg is at home, so they have to use the fans to their advantage. One thing is for certain however, this will make for an incredible experience to watch live.


RB Salzburg:

RB Salzburg is another team that have their work cut out for them as they take on Champions League royalty Bayern Munich.

A lot of great players have shot to fame playing for Salzburg in recent years and they are always producing excellent squads of players. This year is no different, but it won’t be easy to reach the Champions League final. Facing Bayern Munich home and away is a tough task for any team, but you can almost always rely on a cup upset. Could Salzburg be the team to provide the upset this year?


The Big Dogs

Although nothing ever goes as expected, here are some of the teams we think could have the easiest path to the final.

Bayern Munich:

As mentioned previously, Bayern Munich is one of the teams to be considered Champions League royalty. They have 6 Champions League titles, which is joint 2nd with Liverpool.

The Bayern Munich team is currently managed by Jurgen Nagelsman after a successful few seasons under Hansi Flick, who moved onto the German national team. With players such as Robert Lewandowski in their ranks, you should always fear Bayern Munich.


Manchester City:

After reaching the Champions League final last year and losing, the pressure is beginning to mount on Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City team. Guardiola has had an unprecedented amount of success since joining Manchester City as manager, but one thing has always eluded him: the Champions League title.

His lack of success in Europe has been disappointing for fans, as Manchester City currently have arguably the best squad of players in the world. Their bench alone could walk into most teams in the world on any given matchday.

With European success so close last year, Guardiola will be eager to rectify his missed opportunity. This could be the year that finally happens.



There is something about Liverpool FC that makes them dangerous when it comes to European football. This season, it feels as though they may be ready to replicate the success they achieved in 2019.

So far, they have breezed through the competition, swiping down all opponents with ease. Jurgen Klopp seems to inspire hope within his players despite the odds, and with fresh faces such as Luis Diaz joining the team their attack power doesn’t look set to slow down any time soon.

Liverpool definitely has their eye on the Premier League title, but it will be interesting to see how Jurgen Klopp prioritises certain games going forward, but don’t discount an impressive run from the red men in the coming games.


Final Thoughts

The truth is, any team could make it to the Champions League final and it is notoriously hard to predict. The underdogs have always done surprisingly well in this competition, but this year it will be challenging for all teams to make it through the knockout stages.

Our pick for the Champions League finalists in the 2021/2022 competition would be Bayern Munich vs Liverpool. This would be extremely exciting as it would be a decisive match, deciding who has the 2nd most Champions League trophies behind Real Madrid.